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Warranty Tracking

Warranty Tracking is a contract requirement for new construction as well as equipment or system upgrades. An equipment type, or system warranty is a statement of assurance or undertaking issued by the manufacturer – supplier and or trade partner of a product regarding the performance of the product and parts supplied by the manufacturer, for a certain period as stated in the Warranty Card accompanying the product. In essence, it is the manufacturers’ performance guarantee of the installed product and typically incorporated into the Trade Partners’ contract deliverable. If a non-performance issue arises during the warranty period and is related to any part defect of the product, the supplier – manufacturer or trade partner will either repair or replace the equipment type or system.

Our team works with the General Contractor and Trade Partners, then reviews Project Specifications and documents contract – equipment and project closeout requirements. Then, we develop a tracking matrix by equipment types or systems that captures the initial 1-year “workmanship” warranty period in addition to other manufacturer warranty durations as well as extended warranty periods. By utilizing this methodology, all stakeholders benefit from an efficient process to determine what the warranty status of a piece of equipment is, as well as Trade Partners or Manufacturers working to resolution. The Warranty tracking matrix is typically created in an Excel comma delimited format but can be easily generated into a format that will be imported into a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

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