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Asset Management

Asset Management is used in private business or the public sector when a new facility is built, as well as when an upgrade to the existing buildings’ infrastructure or assets occurs. By maintaining the installed equipment types or systems, the useful life expectancy of equipment types or system is extended, whereby reducing the strain on both capital and operational budgets in addition to reducing utility expenditures.

An efficient methodology that allows an organization to track and manage equipment type or system asset information is to install a QRC tag or barcode during the construction phase, as well as when equipment is either replaced or upgraded. Over time, the owner records repair and maintenance data within their Computerized Maintenance Management System and provides the information necessary to make capital or operational budget decisions.

Our team reviews new project Specifications, Owner Project Requirements (OPR), and then reconciles the data against the Master Equipment List (MEL). Based on the scope of work, we install the appropriate QRC tag or Barcode, update the MEL or generate a new asset management matrix that is importable into the Owners’ Computerized Maintenance Management System to meet project closeout requirements. We also can provide this service to existing equipment or equipment that will be replaced or upgraded.

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