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Demonstration and Training Management

Demonstration and Training an organizations staff on how to operate and maintain equipment types or systems is a contract – specification and project closeout requirements for new construction projects, as well as when equipment is replaced or upgraded. By developing and tracking progress of a robust demonstration and training plan, it ensures existing or new employees are appropriately trained by either the manufacturer or certified Trade Partner staff on standard operating – safety and emergency procedures.

This process enhances the knowledge base of facility and maintenance employees, ensures consistency of maintenance repairs and preventative maintenance (PM) tasks in addition to extending the life cycle of equipment types or systems, whereby reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TOC) and Capital expenditures.

Our team reviews Project Specifications and documents contract – equipment and project closeout requirements. Then, we generate a draft schedule for the Owner to approve, coordinate the training kickoff meeting, create training material templates that Trade Partners – Manufacturers and Instructors will utilize to deliver a seamless and consistent training session for your organizations’ employees. Upon completion of each training module, we “package” each training sessions materials that will be incorporated into the project closeout documentation.

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