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Operation and Maintenance Manuals

The operation and maintenance manual, O&M, is a comprehensive resource document that provides information and details necessary for organizations, employees, or contractors to perform maintenance tasks accurately and efficiently. Since the O&M is generated by the manufacturer, it documents approved and standardized procedures to ensure that employees comply with safety requirements and operate the equipment types or systems correctly throughout the facility.

In addition, the manual provides guidance and procedures on how to maintain or repair individual equipment types or systems under typical conditions, preventative maintenance (PM) activities in addition to other conditions such as an emergency shut-down event.

During a new construction project, our team reviews Project Specifications to ensure O&M submittals from Trade Partners comply with contract requirements, have been reviewed and approved prior to training activities, and meet Owner Project Requirements (OPR) at project closeout.

Our team can also provide the same level of service for equipment upgrades or replacements at your facility, regardless of the equipment type or system. This efficient methodology ensures your team receives the correct O&M for the equipment type or system and allows your team to focus on daily operations to maintain your facility.

And, from time to time, manufacturers update their O&M regarding new safety procedures, spare parts or contact information, so they recommend that you periodically review and update your manuals to ensure compliance. We can help your team by performing a review of your existing O&M library and develop a report of what manuals should be updated to ensure your team has the most current version to operate and maintain your building assets.

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