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Master Equipment List

The Master Equipment List (MEL) is an industry standard methodology that captures essential information of equipment types or systems within the organization during a new construction project and can also be applied to existing equipment types and systems throughout a facility.

Information contained within the MEL is utilized by various departments within an organization and helps manage the overall “cradle to grave” life cycle approach of an organizations’ assets. A few departments include:

  • Finance - Asset Management and Inventory, Capital Budget, Organization Policies
  • Project Management – Planning, Operational Budget, Funding
  • Facility Department – Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Work Plan, Labor, Contractors, Tools
  • Maintenance – Equipment or System Repairs, Preventative Maintenance (PM) Program

During new construction, our team reviews Project Specifications to identify contract required elements and Owner Project Requirements (OPR) that meet project closeout requirements. A Master Equipment List is generated from project detail and equipment schedules by the Engineer or Record (EOR), Trade Partners, and can be site verified if requested to ensure location accuracy and data set. The MEL is typically created in an Excel comma delimited format and can easily be converted into a format that will be imported into a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

Our team can also assist you with capturing information during upgrade or replacement projects within your facilities, regardless of the age, equipment types or systems. This efficient methodology ensures your organization and team has the most current document set to perform maintenance tasks in addition to making informed Capital or Operational budget decisions both short and long term.

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